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Switzerland exam policy for pilots


Theoretical exams: 

For nearly every rating you need to pass a theoretical exam. Upon request, an exam will be created for you. The questions will be selected at random from a predefined list. The language used for questions is English. A theoretical exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. You have a maximum of 45 minutes to fill in the examination paper. And should you exceed this limit, the exam will be recorded as failed. You can submit your answers as often as you want during the 45 minutes of the exam. Only the last submission will be taken into account. We recommend you submit your exam on a regular basis in order to avoid to be marked 0 points if you are disconnected or if you exceed the 45 minutes limit. Note that our system does not allow the resetting of theoretical exams:

  • Advanced Flight Student FS3
  • Private Pilot PP
  • Senior Private Pilot SPP
  • Commercial Pilot CP
  • Airline Transport Pilot ATP

The pass-mark for the exam is 75/100.


Practical exams: 

Before you apply for any practical pilot exam we expect you to meet some extra requirements which are more selective than IVAO HQ. We want to increase your chance to pass the exam at the very first attempt. Therefore a proper preparation is indispensable. So, we expect you to train with the aircraft you are willing to use at the examination. A certain amount of hours needs to be reached before applying and we must recognize that you train properly for the exercises which will be tested during the exam. Please find the additional requirements for each rating listed below. With help of the IVAO tracker we are able to follow your flight history. To ease the search for your preparation flights please use certain callsigns which are listed below as well. Last but not least you need to pass a check-out or have a training session where your trainer can verify that you are ready for the exam and you do not show lacks in knowledge or practice. The check-out/training can be taken at any stage of your preparation. If you pass the check-out before reaching the below listed minimums you don't need to follow them anymore. But if you fail, you need to comply with all requirements until you can apply for a new check-out. So please do not apply for a check-out only to avoid the preparation. To request a training or check-out please use the online form.

Private Pilot PP:

Preparation recommendations:

  • 4 flights to/from an aerodrome with prescribed VFR routing or reporting points
  • 4 flights where a VOR is used for navigation
  • 4 flights where a NDB is used for navigation
  • 4 flights with touch and go / traffic pattern training

Exam requirements:

  • Communication with Geneva/Zurich Information
  • Blind transmissions on an aerodrome frequency
  • Single engine propeller aircraft category L like C172, P28, DA40 and so on


Senior Private Pilot SPP:

Preparation recommendations:

  • 4 flights to/from an aerodrome with a published standard ILS approach procedure
  • 4 flights with VOR intercepting exercises
  • 4 flights with a flown published missed approach procedure
  • 4 flights with a flown holding over a VOR, published or virtual

 Exam requirements:

  • Twin-engine piston, turbocharged or turboprop aircraft category L/M like Baron 58, Beech King 200, Beech 1900 and so on


Commercial Pilot CP:

Preparation recommendations:

  • 4 flights to/from an aerodrome with a published non-precision approach procedure (no ILS in background!) like VOR, NDB or localizer only
  • 4 flights with a flown holding over a FIX, published or virtual
  • 4 flights with a flown published missed approach procedure
  • 4 flights with a flown circling approach

Exam requirements:

  • Twin-engine jet aircraft category M like Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Fokker 100 and so on

Airline Transport Pilot ATP:

For this rating you are going to be examined by IVAO HQ. So there are no specific Swiss regulations for this rating.


By clicking on the rating you will be directed to the according briefing guide. And you may check this site for a full overview. The above mentioned training flights can be combined on your own discretion. So you don't need to do 4 flights for each exercise. Example for PP. Flight from Zurich to Grenchen, Basel (BS) NDB, Hochwald (HOC) VOR and 2 circuits 1x inner downwind + 1x outer downwind. This would be one flight for each section.


Difference between training and check-out:

During a training session it's you who tells the trainer what the objectives are. Your trainer will then prepare some exercises to close your gaps. Whereas at the check-out exam conditions are simulated. Or in other words, the trainee will perform a flight which complies with all the requirements mentioned in the according briefing guide. So the training is more like active support and the check-out an observation. At the end, no matter if training or check-out, the trainer will give you a feedback and tell you whether you are ready for the exam or if you still need some training.


Requesting an exam:

Please check your exam status page to see which exams are available for you at the very moment. Remember that practical requests must be written in English as they are checked by HQ training department first. For pilot examinations please provide us with some date proposals and the type of aircraft you are willing to use.

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