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Every January, the annual World Economic Forum takes place in the Davos. A mountain surrounded village in Graubünden. The WEF is a meeting place for politicians, business leaders and many other well-known people from a wide range of industries. Of course, such a mega event also causes a lot of effort. The military alone can provide up to 5000 soldiers. For aviation fans, the event is also a highlight of the year. On the one hand there are a lot of military flights with different missions, on the other hand, the heads of government from all over the world come to Switzerland with their machines.

This year, however, things will be a little different. You'll be there yourself and you'll be able to carry out a wide variety of missions, for example as a military pilot for the Swiss Air Force or as a business jet pilot. Enjoy the extraordinary assignments and get to know the wonderful winter wonderland of Graubünden a bit better.


During the WEF additional heliports will be put into operation. Since these are not registered in the database of IVAO and in the simulators, use the following coordinates:

Name Latitude Longitude
CHUR 46°50′51.443″N 9°29′58.799″E
DAVOS LAGO 46°48′52.705″N 9°50′52.040″E
DAVOS FRAUENKIRCH 46°45′55.168″N 9°47′57.229″E



Since this tour uses many different planes and helicopters, we are aware that you may not have all types in your simulator. Just try to use as similar an airplane as possible. Note in the leg report which aircraft you used instead.


Now you are ready for many interesting missions. Some tasks will not be available until later so that you can fly them parallel to the real WEF process. If you complete all the tasks, you will earn the PILOT SKILL TOUR AWARD.

Division Pilot Skills Tour Award

Have fun on behalf of the Flight Operations team
IVAO Switzerland