Flight Operations Department

Dear ATPL trainees

In this tour your skills will be demanded. This tour was created in collaboration with real airline pilots and is designed to challenge your knowledge of various procedures.
Expect complex approaches, IFR, VFR, Y and Z flightplans, simulated emergencies and a lot more are waiting for you in this exciting tour.

No need to say, that we don't want to see airliners in this tour. This tour has to be flown with a propeller aircraft, depending on the leg, with one or two engines. 
The aircraft needs to be IFR-equipped, depending on the mission which has to be fulfilled. Please check the tour informations and restrictions carefully.

If you need help to fly this tour, you are free to contact us, we would appreciate if we can help you.

After completing this challenging tour we proudly award you with the pilot skill tour award.

Division Pilot Skills Tour Award

Have fun on behalf of the Flight Operations team
IVAO Switzerland