Flight Operations Department


Dear Pilots

In this tour you will learn to fly an aircraft of the Airbus 320-Family. The goal of this Rating-Tour is to provide a solid preparation for the IVAO Commercial Pilot (CP) - Exam.
All procedures, which are necessary to know for the exam will be used during this tour. Have you already completed the ATPL-Tour and you are asking your self, what's the difference?

After completing the ATPL tour, you have found out, how to fly the different procedures and you are able to, if you fly them in a rather slow aircraft.
An airliner flies on a much higher speed, there is less time to feed your Flight Management Computer (FMC). You really have to know, where to find the necessary functions.

You will conduct the procedures until you know them by heart and you are able to execute them without a loss of time, like you are expected to do during an exam.

The ATPL-Tour doesn't have to be completed for this tour, but it might help you during your flight preparation. 
After this tour you are ready for the CP-Exam, but of course it is up to you, whether you want to do the exam or not.

After the successful completion of this tour we will award you with the Business-Jet Tour Award and hope, that you successfully complete your exam.

Division Pilot Skills Tour Award

Have fun on behalf of the Flight Operations team
IVAO Switzerland