Flight Operations Department


Dear pilots

In the heart of Switzerland at the airport of our captial Bern, the small airline Skywork has its base. They offer flights from/to European metropolises and are serving some holiday destinations as well. The fleet consists of two turboprop aircraft, the Saab 2000 and Dornier 328. The tour offers a lot of variety as the legs are mainly flown from/to Bern. And although Bern is Switzerlands capital, the airport is not big at all. The length of the runway is only 1'530m. Additionally the gradient of the ILS is about 4° and not the usual 3°, so it's a little steeper. And if runway 32 becomes active, you will face a nice challange for a non-precision approach. Also the first destination is a real delicacy for pilots who do love challanges. It's London City airport. Later on a full rotation will be waiting for you including legs to Bern, Vienna and Basel. Just as it's flown in real life. And at the end you will discover the Balearic Islands. So, what are you waiting for? Get your turboprop out of the hangar and start the tour!

If you complete this tour, you will get the Swiss IFR Tour award  IVAO IFR Tour award

Have fun on behalf of the Flight Operations team
IVAO Switzerland