Membership Department

Your first steps on IVAO


To make it short; IVAO is a dedicated, independent, free of charge, service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the flight simulation community worldwide.
We provide a highly realistic environment for flight simulator pilots with traffic and air traffic control based on real world procedures. We do also perform education and training sessions.
You will find the IVAO Switzerland website full of resources to make your online flying or controlling enjoyable. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our staff via the forum or e-mail.
We welcome members with all levels of experience in aviation, from the seasoned pilot/controller to the desktop enthusiast. We provide comprehensive training to members on request.


Rules and Regulations

Before using our network, you will have to be aware of the Rules and Regulations of IVAO. You will find all this information here:


Registration on IVAO

If you agree with the Rules and Regulations, you can register on IVAO as a pilot, as ATC (Air Traffic Controler) or both in order to enjoy all the services we offer.

During the registration process, you will have to enter a valid email adress as you will receive your VID and password via email.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed under any circumstances to give your passwords to anybody, even to staff members.


First connection on the network

Once you are registered, we recommend you to read the tutorials for the first connection on our network:

These tutorials will guide you through the use of our software in order to connect for the first time.

You can find more information about the software in the manual:


Help and Support

As a member, you have access to:

  • The Switzerland Division Forum. If you register on IVAO, you will automatically have an access on our forum, which is the easiest way to communicate with IVAO and the other members. You will find a lot of usefull information about our network, as well as screenshot contests, events, and so on.
  • The FAQ, where you will find the answers to the most common questions about your membership.
  • A contact form, an easy way to contact us directly.


Now that you know how to get help and how to connect on our network, we just have to wish you a great time with us !