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Swiss Radar LSAZ


In this section you can find all the information about Swiss Radar (LSAZ_CTR).



Low Sectors of LSAZ


Name Frequency Altitude
LSAZ_N_CTR 136.155 Mhz  SFC - 240
LSAZ_E_CTR 133.905 Mhz  SFC - 240
LSAZ_S_CTR 128.050 Mhz  SFC - 240
LSAZ_W_CTR 135.680 Mhz  SFC - 240




High Sectors of LSAZ



Name Frequency Altitude
LSAZ_M1_CTR 133.050 Mhz 250 - 320
LSAZ_M2_CTR 133.405 Mhz 250 - 280
LSAZ_M3_CTR 132.815 Mhz 290 - 320




Name Frequency Altitude
LSAZ_M4_CTR 134.605 Mhz 330 - 350
LSAZ_M5_CTR 132.835 Mhz 360 - 370
LSAZ_M6_CTR 133.690 Mhz 380 - UNL




The whole Swiss airspace uses the RVSM Flightlevel System. It is important to note that, unlike most countries, we do not use the East/West reference to determine the flight level, but instead we use the North/South System:
southbound : the pilot has to fly on an odd level
northbound : the pilot has to fly on an even level

This system is also used in other South European countries, such as France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.



In Switzerland there is no airspace ALPHA, BRAVO and FOXTROTT.
Airspace G:

In Switzerland, the GOLF airspace is from Ground to 2000ft AGL.
Note that the GOLF airspace may go all through the ECHO airspace, as 2000ft AGL can be higher than FL130.