ATC Department

Follow-Me Car

Follow-Me Cars (FMC) are only allowed on the airports Geneva (LSGG) and Zurich (LSZH).
On all other airports within the country, the use of FMC's is strictly prohibited.

When using a Follow-Me Car:

  • The TWR position must be manned at all time when a FMC is in use.
  • Double connections or TWR/GND connecting with Follow Me services too is not allowed and will be suspended for two days.
  • The FMC shall always be used in coordination with ATC and under his approval.
  • Speed Restrictions: runways max 60kt (100km/h), taxiways max 30kt (50km/h), and gate areas max 20kt (25km/h). The lights of the FMC must always be on.
  • Racing or anything that constitutes reckless operations of a vehicle, will result in a suspension for a minimum of seven days.
  • The FMC driver must have a ADC rating minimum. He must be familiar with the airport procedures and adhere to the same rules and regulations for ATC procedures, where applicable.
  • The callsign of the FMC shall be the ICAO code of the airport followed by FMx. For Zurich: LSZHFM1
  • The FMC driver must be a member of the Swiss Division or must have a GCA Approval for Tower minimum
  • Other land or water vehicles, e.g boats, ships, etc.. are prohibited.