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IVAO Switzerland staff took the decision to participate to the Guest Controller Approval (GCA) programme. Effective 1st of Juliy 2010 the following lines were added to IVAO's Rules and Regulations: 5.1.7 "Divisions may require members of foreign divisions to obtain a Guest Controller Approval before being allowed to log on FRA restricted positions. Divisions shall announce their participation and publish their requirements on the division's website". As of 1st of April 2014 this R&R also applies to Swiitzerland. We were facing a lot of ATC tourism in Switzerland preventing our own controllers from having fun and worse, offering bad ATC service. These are the main reasons why we now participate in this programme.


Requirements and restrictions

As a general requirement all applicants must hold at least the equivalent rating for the position they are applying for. This ensures that you already have the required knowledge to offer a good service in our division. From the list below you can see which position you could be allowed to staff with your rating:



We strongly recommend to have a training session before applying for a GCA or at least listen to or observe an experienced controller at his work. In case you have lately left the division, no GCA will be accepted, until you're division change is more than 12 months ago. This will increase your chance to obtain your GCA. Please remember that your GCA may be restricted to only to one FIR/airport/position although you are holding a higher rating. Furthermore the Swiss division reserves its right to give its members priority for controlling at events. If you obtained your GCA for Switzerland and would like to be part of the controller crew for an event please check the forum, LSAZ or LSAG section where an ATC request will be published. Please keep in mind that in Geneva FIR (LSAG) traffic flying under any flight rules may establish communication with ATC in French language at their own discretion. But it is not controller's duty to speak French as well. Please note that also your suspension history will be checked and could be a reason to not even let you lining up for the check-out.


ATC facilities

Main traffic in Switzerland is generated by Geneva (LSGG) and Zurich (LSZH) airport. So GCAs are only issued for aerodrome stations of these airports (including approach and departure control) and corresponding radar stations (CTR only, no FSS). To not support sandbagging and give local controllers an advantage, all other ATC stations are restricted to Swiss members. This fact may change in the future when traffic increases at other airports. So you might check our policies for GCA frequently to verify if other airports became available.

Geneva LSGG Zurich LSZH Radar (CTR)
  DEP / APP  

Request your GCA

To request your GCA please use the Form on our homepage to get in touch with us. Tell us the position you desire to control, any experience within Switzerland if you have and some date proposals for training or check-out. After checking your profile we will get back to you to fix a session, if you comply with the requirements.



You will need to pass a check-out before obtaining your GCA. What does this check-out session consists of? Someone of our training staff will observe you during an online session of at least one hour. The duration may be extended if you face a low traffic volume within this prescribed hour. Your trainer will check if you are familiar with the local procedures and if you know how to apply them correctly in practice. You will also be asked some questions about general procedures in Switzerland. Your trainer will not evaluate your general skills on the according position as you have already been tested in the past by your home division. However, if your trainer sees that your skills are below the Swiss standard you may be offered a training. So you still have the chance to obtain a GCA. But if you don't want to do this training or disagree with the trainers decision your request will be denied automatically.


Receive and maintain your GCA

As soon as you pass your check out our training coordinator (CH-TC) will update your IVAO user profile. On your profile's Guest Controlller Approval section, on General Info page, "CH" will be displayed.

Your GCA has no defined validity. The GCA will be revoked if you violate any of the below listed rules twice. After the first incident you will be notified via email and be kindly asked to change your behaviour. If you disobey the rules a second time your GCA will be revoked immediately and without any further warning. And it's obvious that you can't reapply for the GCA in the future.

  • IVAO rules and regulations
  • respect and apply local procedures at all times
  • the majority of your online hours as ATC must be spent in your home division
  • you have to be online for at least one time per two months
  • be friendly to adjacent ATCs and with pilots flying to/from Switzerland

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