ATC Department

Flight Service Station (FSS)



The role of the Flight Service Station is to provide assistance for VFR traffic outside controlled airspaces. Despite being called "controller" the FSS station is an Information only station. Thus no clearance can be provided.


Basic Knowledge Requirements

An FSS controller must be perfectly familiar with:

  • All the Basic Knowledge Required to fly VFR
  • Airspace classification in Switzerland
  • Information broadcasting
  • Flight surveillance
  • Information recording
  • Surveillance service
  • Information service


Controller in Action

The first step for the virtual controller that wants to act as FSS would be to be sure he/she is in line with the knowledge requirements highlighted above.

As this is done, the controller should load the sector file for Swiss Radar. The sector file can be found on the welcome-site under the quicklinks.

In the IVAC's COMM Box the controller has to set his primary frequency in line with FSS frequency for that airport. In order to do so just type //199.999  where 199.999 stands for the frequency one wants to set up.

The next step is the setup of the altitude filter. As the FSS controller is assisting VFR traffic in uncontrolled zones the filter should be set up in such a way that he excludes all the traffics that are above its vertical limit. In order to do so under the menu "PVD" (top left) select "PVD Options..." the controller will set Primary filter from ground to 2'000 ft above E airspace. This is from 0 to 15'000 ft or 17'000 ft depending on Military operations.

Once IVAC is ready, it is time to connect.

As soon as the controller is online the first priority is to create the TS channel followed by the filing of a correct ATIS.

The station name and frequency have to be in line with guidelines from ATC Department and can be found here: LSAZ and LSAG. The remarks box must be left empty.

Always inform nearby controllers of your presence online.

VFR traffics will monitor FSS frequency for traffic broadcasting and information requests. In NO cases FSS control can instruct a pilot to perform an action.


Phraseology Examples


VFR Flight Surveillance

 Pilot  ATC

Zurich Information, Grüezi, HB-PNM


HB-PNM, Zurich Information, Grüezi, pass your message

HB-PNM, PA28, VFR from Zurich to Basel, Wohlen 3'500ft, proceeding via Aarau, Olten, Sissach


H-NM, roger, QNH Zurich 1015, next report Sissach

Next report Sissach, H-NM