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Swiss Heli Tour 2017


Dear Pilots,
Welcome to the Swiss Heli Tour 2017!
The Swiss Heli Tour 2017 will take you from the smallest Heliports in narrow valleys to international and military airport zones. There are 10 different missions to complete.


Even if the tour is here to have fun and discover new cities, we kindly ask you to read and follow our tour rules:


IMPORTANT: Please wait 6 minutes before departure and after arrival, so that the IVAO tracker can record you are on the ground. Not waiting or missing landing/takeoff data due to too short connection/disconnection time will result in the leg being rejected !


General rules and conditions

  • All legs have to be flown online with real weather
  • ATC guidance is not necessary all the way.
  • Members not communicating via UNICOM can be excluded from the tour.
  • Flights must be flown in real-time mode (No accelerated mode allowed).
  • A maximum disconnection of 15 minutes will be accepted.
  • Please pay attention to your flight plans. Erroneous flight plans (e.g wrong airfield codes, wrong type of flight plan, etc...) will NOT be accepted.
  • A restriction of 3 legs per day is set.

MODA (Reporting system)

  • Completed flights must be reported after each leg: take-off and landing times Zulu times only.
  • Make sure to report your callsign as used for the flight.
  • If you had any disconnection (15 minutes max. allowed) during a leg, mention it in the comments.
  • Each leg will be validated by a validator and is only valid after validation.


  • All missions have to be completed in requested order
  • Aircraft: Only Helicotpers
  • Speed: Max 120 kts IAS
  • It is mandatory to follow a valid route, direct flights won't be accepted
  • Max Flight Level: Respect VFR rules or FL where a maximum is given
  • Type of flight plan: VFR, Z or Y only

If you complete this tour, you will get the Swiss Heli Tour award  IVAO Heli Tour award


So, if you are ready for a new experience within the Swiss division, take a look at the MODA and start-off!

You can find the Legs, rules and the reporting system HERE


We wish you a pleasant flight and much fun on our Swiss Heli Tour

CH-Special Operations Department