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IVAO Switzerland

FIR's - LSAG - Others

Other information for LSAG


Having the correct ATIS 

- ATC Position

For this field, enter the name, as spoken, of the staffed position:
Example: Geneva Tower, Geneva Arrival, Swiss Radar, Geneva Apron…

- Take-off-Landing

For GND, TWR and APP facilities, fill in the appropriate fields with the identifier(s) of the active runway(s).

Example for LSGG: DEP 05 APP 05 ILS
It is necessary to make sure that all staffed positions on the same airport give the same indication.

Note that the TWR controller is responsible for the selection of the active runway in function of different factors such as wind, traffic, local procedures, visibility, etc…

- Transition Level (TRL) and Transition Altitude (TA)

Please refer to the respective airport Handy Sheet and/or Charts.
Swiss Radar (LSAS_LM1_CTR, LSAZ_SSL_CTR and LSAG_S_CTR) must NOT indicate any TRL or TA in their ATIS message.

- Remarks

Additional information about flight operations can be inserted, for instance:

"Runway closed"

Information about weather hazard:
for ex. : "Turbulences in short final"

On Swiss Radar: active runways at the main airports

The following remarks should NEVER be inserted:

  • Name of the controller (available on IvAe and IvAc)
  • Any kind of advertisement for a website or other (under penalty of suspension!)



Languages spoken

In the LSAG FIR: "English and French" or "English only" depending on the languages spoken by the controller.


Follow-Me Car

The Follow-Me Cars (FMC) in Switzerland are allowed only on the airports of  Geneva (LSGG) and Zurich (LSZH).
On all other airports within the country, the use of FMC's is strictly prohibited.

When using a Follow-Me Car:

  • The TWR position must be manned during the whole time when a FMC is in use.
  • Double connections or TWR/GND connecting with Follow Me services too is not allowed and will be suspended for two days.
  • The FMC shall always be used in strict coordination with ATC and under his approval.
  • Speed Restrictions: runways max 60kt (100km/h), taxiways max 30kt (50km/h), and gate areas max 20kt (25km/h). The lights of the FMC must always be on.
  • Racing or anything that constitutes reckless operations of a vehicle, will result in a suspension for a minimum of seven days.
  • The FMC driver must have a ADC rating minimum. He must be familiar with the airport procedures and adhere to the same rules and regulations for ATC procedures, where applicable.
  • The callsign of the FMC shall be the ICAO code of the airport followed by FMx. For Geneva: LSGGFM1
  • The FMC driver must be a member of the Swiss Division or must have a GCA Approval for Tower minimum
  • Other land or water vehicles, e.g boats, ships, etc.. are prohibited.

 Download "Follow-me Car regulation" here.